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"I have been here twice. Both times with Jay. He is very professional and caring. Truly wants to improve your well-being. He helped tremendously with my first problem, my back. My second time was my shoulder. It was difficult and confusing. Both Jay and Adam worked hard to find a solution. Great team all around."
Nov 16, 2023
"I had such a great experience with Premier Physical Therapy, I did therapy twice at this location and was given such great care and kindness. If you ever have a need for therapy the staff at Premier Physical Therapy are wonderful to work with. Highly recommend Premier Physical Therapy. "
Jun 15, 2023
"I highly recommend Premier Physical Therapy. Everyone was friendly and interested in helping me reach the goals needed for recovery. Not only was it successful, but done in a manner that created the least amount of discomfort. "
Feb 17, 2023
"I went here after I had rotor cuff surgery for my recovery and I would completely recommend premier physical therapy to anyone. "
Sep 17, 2022
"Jay is a competent knowledgeable professional in all ways supported by a friendly and competent staff. My left shoulder had problems which would result in painful awakenings several times a night. After many years of trying to control this with pain medicine it was decided to see if physical therapy could help my issues. For the record, I hate exercises. Jay made an evaluation and made a therapy program for my “AC” issue in my shoulder. Starting with low level repetitive routines, adding resistance bands, and finally low-weight dumbbells’ exercises now 95% of my pain issues are gone. No more pain meds and have painless sleep-filled nights. I still hate doing the exercises as a preventive measure, but the results are very good. "
Oct 22, 2021
"Premier Physical Therapy - Valley Center was suggested to me for out-patient PT by my rehab hospital following my stay with a broken leg. The guys at PPT - VC know their stuff! Very grateful for their help and expertise getting me strong and mobile again. "
Mar 17, 2021
"As an avid marathon runner I was concerned when I hurt my back for the second time. Now after several sessions with Jay I feel more confident that I can avoid injury again. Jay was very easy to talk to and he created a individualized plan of exercises for me to work on."
Jan 09, 2020
"Jay and then Adam saw me through 2 knee replacements and arch rebuilds on both feet. I am very thankful to find such a caring and professional physical therapy place and so convenient for me as it is located in Valley Center! Thank you to the whole staff! "
Jul 05, 2019
"Premier was recommended by my general practitioner for an issue I was having with my shoulder. Jay was very dedicated to his work and has his patients best interest in mind. He explained each procedure and the benefit I should achieve from it. The sessions were helpful but Jay's expertise and knowledge recognized that I needed more of a medical approach. An MRI confirmed what he thought. His honesty shows an integrity that as a client I can really appreciate. I highly recommended him to my friends and family. His staff was very organized and made scheduling a breeze. Thank you everyone!"
Jul 03, 2019
"Jay and his staff are great to work with, very personable and professional service. "
Jul 03, 2019
"I saw Scott for back and hip pain with excellent results. He was interested in my problem and demonstrated a high level of assessment and diagnostic skills. He was constantly in teaching mode as he worked with me. At the end of each visit, we reviewed my plan with handouts. Being a visual learner, this was especially helpful. I would highly recommend him! "
Jul 02, 2019
"Jay is fantastic! He has worked on multiple family members over the years and helped heal my shoulder after an injury. He has a friendly and professional staff and my appointments were always on time! Highly recommend!"
Jul 02, 2019
"Had a great experience with you before all the update! Surely you will be even MORE awesome now!"
Jul 02, 2019


"This was my second visit to Premier. First time was for rotator cuff and this time for meniscus repair. The entire staff from secretaries to everyone involved in my treatment were awesome. They were very compassionate and friendly. Adam's and Jay's" expertise and bedside manor are very much appreciated. I was so in pain with limited mobility on my first appointment but within a few sessions I was very impressed with my range of motion and lack of pain. Some sessions were harder than others but all worth it in the end. They are truly dedicated to their profession and making their patients better."

Suzie A.

"This has been the best PT experience ever. I have had two previous PT experiences both involving my knees. The previous therapist seemed detached and just going through the motions Jay and Adam were both invested in making sure the experience was both productive and as pleasant as recoveries can be. I came in on a walker with limited ability to walk, stand and sit. By the end of the PT I was walking with really smooth gait and limited discomfort. Their hands-on approach really stretched my limits with great end results."

James H.

"Couldn't hardly walk when it came in doing great now! Go up and down stairs really good. Had a knee replacement on other knee 10 years ago, this one (right) was so much better! Adam did a great job - would recommend Premier to everyone for therapy."

Judy S.

"I had alot of trouble walking, sitting and riding. I had fell on my butt about three weeks before. Pain would wake me up. Now I can walk and sit. Oh and I stand 3 hours at a time at work, 30 minute break than 3 more hours. I had to use a cart to get to my car after work. Now no cart. Pain is mostly gone. Adam is wonderful so is the rest of the staff. I will keep exercising to get stronger. Thanks a lot!!!"

Julia L.

"I feel I have made quite a bit of improvement. It is much easier for me to get up and down from chairs. I appreciate the encouragement and explanation of what each of the exercises do, and the kind and friendly attitude!"

John Y.

"Adam was very professional and caring explained all procedures and treatment plan. Physical improvement improved since 1st appointment. Highly recommend PT. All staff are great, from admin to therapists."

Rick M.

"After I started therapy I was unsure what to expect but me experience was truly great. I was sore after treatment but I was really pleased at the results. I have recommended the Valley Center group to several. Very pleased with my experience."

Alice T.

"I had 6 weeks of PT, twice a week. Adam worked with me by evaluating me first and set up beginning exercises to get my ankle to begin to get stronger. At first my foot would hurt from putting weight on it and having my heel down. Doing my daily (mostly) exercises helped this pain to get less and less. I still have some endurance issues, mainly from being non-weight bearing for 3 months, but each week I feel stronger. I no longer have any pain in moving my ankle in all directions. I feel PT and Adam were successful."

Kathy R.

"I began seeing Jay after my knee replacement. I had seen Jay for a few years earlier due to back pain issues and he resolved those. At the beginning of my knee therapy I was walking with a walker very slowly and in pain. At the end of therapy I am walking with a cane in public and without a cane around the house. My range of motion is greatly improved, as well as the pain in my knee joint. In fact my surgery knee feels much better now than my non-surgery knee. Jay is easy to work with, he is very knowledgeable, is excellent at what he does and his good sense of humor helps get you through some sessions. I would recommend Premier Physical Therapy to family and friends."

Teal P.

"On Dec. 26th I had knee surgery on left knee, and required Physical Therapy. Being a Valley Center resident I decided to go with Premier, a good choice, they were professional, gave the proper exercises and stretching for a successful recovery. They were thorough in all explanations on what they were doing, and gave reasons why it was important for my recovery. Was very pleased with end results, recovery time was shorter than I thought. Thank you guys and keep up the great work."

Jack L.

"First off I would mention how friendly the staff has been. I had a hip replacement and had trouble getting out of chairs, in/out of cars, even struggles getting out of bed. PT I received here at Premier has made all of the above easier to no problem at all. I feel like the staff truly has my best interest in mind. I can't really explain how much U have appreciated the care I received here and obviously would recommend Jay and staff without reservation."

David M.

"Was referred to Premier for lower back pain. After getting appointments set up with Tamara I saw Scott for my initial consultation. I would see Scott 5 more times where he put me through several different exercises that targeted the area with pain. Scott is very personable and easy to work with. I am pain free after just 4 weeks. Thank you to Premier for all the assistance in getting me pain free."

Chad B.

"My story is one that is filled with pain. I couldn't sleep at nights. Working construction my whole life lifting heavy things it was getting to the point I couldn't do my job. After my surgery I started my PT and it was not easy but Jay was fantastic. He was very gently but still pushed me. He never mislead me that I'd be good at new. I can say today I sleep like a baby, shoulder doesn't hurt. My range of motion is excellent and I couldn't be more pleased."

Jeffrey K.

"I had total knee replacement and 4 days had my first meeting with Adam at therapy. Only 6 weeks later complete recovery. My experience has been excellent. Adam was so knowledgeable and provided wonderful therapy to manage my knee. The office staff is all very friendly and helpful. I was extremely happy with the care and treatment I received. I would definitely refer Adam & this facility."

Linda M.